Why Denarius

Excels on Stellar Blockchain

DENR, a pioneering blockchain project, harnesses the unique features of the Stellar blockchain to champion environmental conservation and sustainability. Let’s explore why DENR is considered the best coin due to Stellar’s standout attributes:

1. Environmental Efficiency: Stellar’s energy-efficient design aligns perfectly with DENR’s mission of promoting eco-friendly initiatives. By using Stellar’s low-energy consensus mechanism, DENR ensures that environmental conservation efforts extend to the underlying technology powering the network.

2. Swift and Low-Cost Transactions: Stellar’s fast and low-cost transactions enable seamless investments in environmental projects through DENR. This efficiency makes it easy for investors to participate in green initiatives, encouraging broader involvement in environmental conservation.

3. Transparent and Trustworthy: Stellar’s transparent blockchain guarantees that all DENR transactions and investments are recorded immutably. This transparency builds trust among stakeholders, ensuring that funds are directed towards legitimate and impactful environmental projects.

4. Global Accessibility: Stellar’s cross-border capabilities enable DENR to reach a global audience. Investors from different corners of the world can easily participate in DENR’s mission to support environmental initiatives, promoting a collective effort to address environmental challenges.


Denarius DENR Cryptocurrency: P2P Transactions and MoneyGram Integration

DENR cryptocurrency has revolutionized the way people transact in the digital realm by offering a robust peer-to-peer (P2P) transaction system. With DENR, users can seamlessly and securely send and receive digital assets directly to and from each other without the need for intermediaries. This feature not only ensures faster and more cost-effective transactions but also empowers individuals to have full control over their financial interactions. Whether it’s sending funds to family and friends or conducting business across borders, DENR’s P2P functionality provides a user-friendly and decentralized solution for all.

In addition to its P2P prowess, DENR cryptocurrency has taken convenience to the next level by allowing users to withdraw their digital assets using the MoneyGram network.This integration bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds, ensuring that DENR’s benefits are accessible to a wide range of users, whether they prefer digital wallets or traditional financial services.

How it works

Blockchain And Features

stellar blockchain

Embracing Stellar blockchain's modern features, inspired by the innovation of ancient Romans.

Instant Transaction

Ultra Fast & Secure

Swift payments and trading, inspired by Roman’s efficiency, powered by Stellar Blockchain.

fast and cheap

Reliable & Low Cost

Say goodbye to costly transaction fees. Just as the Romans valued their currency, our transactions cost less than a Roman denarius!

Limitless Applications

Highly Scalable

Like Rome’s vast empire, Stellar is a leading, fast-growing blockchain with exceptional scalability.


Decentralize Network

Decentralized platforms, like Rome’s governance, ensure security without central control over your funds.


P2P Transaction in DENR

Guide to Performing P2P Transactions for a DENR on a Stellar DEX

Wallet Setup:

Ensure that you have a Stellar wallet that supports custom tokens like "DENR." Popular wallets include StellarTerm and Lobster.

Account Funding:

Make sure your Stellar wallet is funded with sufficient XLM to cover transaction fees. These fees are required for trading and account management on the Stellar network.

Access the DEX:

Access a Stellar DEX platform of your choice. StellarTerm and StellarX are examples of DEXs where you can trade custom tokens.


Log in or connect your Stellar wallet to the DEX platform if required.

Select Trading Pair:

Choose the trading pair that includes the "denr" token. For example, if you want to trade "denr" for XLM, select the "denr/XLM" trading pair.

Place a Buy or Sell Order:

Depending on whether you want to buy or sell "denr," place an appropriate order:

Buy Order: Specify the amount of "denr" you want to buy and the price you're willing to pay in XLM per "denr."

Sell Order: Specify the amount of "denr" you want to sell and the price you're asking for in XLM per "denr."

Review Order:

Review the order details, including the total cost or proceeds in XLM. Ensure that everything is correct before confirming the order.

Confirm Order:

Confirm the order to submit it to the Stellar DEX. This action may require you to sign the transaction with your wallet's private key.

Order Execution:

Wait for your order to be matched with a suitable counterparty. Stellar DEX matches orders automatically based on price and quantity.

Transaction Confirmation:

Once the order is matched, the transaction will be processed by the Stellar network. It usually takes a few seconds for confirmation.

Check Transaction Status:

Monitor the status of your transaction on the DEX platform. You can see if it's pending, confirmed, or completed.

Update Wallet Balance:

Your wallet balance will be updated to reflect the completed transaction. You can now see your new balance of "denr" tokens.

Secure Your Wallet:

Ensure that your wallet and private keys are securely stored to protect your assets.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below. 

What is Denarius Token?

Denarius uses the attributes of the Stellar network, smart and easy-to-use and backed by the Stellar blockchain. A world where you can achieve the fundamental right of financial freedom.

How can I buy Denarius Token?

You can buy on all the Stellar DEX like Lobstr, Stellar Term, StellarPort etc.

How can I receive Denarius Token?

You just need to have a Stellar (XLM) public address to receive Denarius Token. Please don't use Coinbase or Binance addresses. Currently those exchanges don't accept DENR. You can create a new wallet easily at Lobstr/StellarTerm or other websites.

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